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    Photo smiling old man with a beard in glasses and a cap on the street
    Photo proper nutrition giving up bad habits health a strong body older age to be happy and cheerful and cheerful senior couple old seniority healthy eating fruits and vegetables
    Photo a man and a boy sit on a hill and enjoy a picnic in the mountains

    Senior IA

    116 resources
    Free photo beach with umbrella summer and vacation concept generative ai
    Photo fresh citrus fruits in a healthy basket generated by ai
    Free photo young woman in sunglasses enjoys summer vacation generated by ai


    80 resources
    Photo a girl in a space suit with a planet in the background
    Photo a girl with white hair and a black dress with flowers on the bottom.
    Photo a girl with a pink bow is standing in front of a cityscape.

    Anime Girl

    100 resources

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    Artificial Intelligence is a broad field of computer science focused on creating intelligent machines that can think, reason, and act in ways similar to humans. AI is characterized by its ability to learn from experience, draw conclusions, make predictions, and take decisions with minimal human input and has become increasingly prevalent in everyday applications such as image generation, creating stunning dreamlike scenarios in seconds, without the need of an artist.

    Every diffusion model produces different results when given the same prompt. That's because each model's specific algorithms, parameters, and data can lead to diverse outcomes. And so, it is crucial to consider the design and specifics of each model to understand the variations they deliver and choose the most suitable approach for the creation you're after.

    As intriguing and forward-thinking as this new technology is, it is still fresh out of the box, and the world's regulations still need to catch up. Such laws will also vary depending on what country you are in. This means it is the responsibility of the user to check the usability of AI-generated images, perhaps seeking professional advice before reproducing, distributing, displaying, or performing the content. However, it is in our utmost interest to keep you informed of further developments.

    Absolutely! AI-generated images can serve as a central element in your creative projects. This means you can incorporate these images into your own designs, enhancing the overall aesthetic and uniqueness of your work. AI-generated images are a powerful tool to inspire and add a unique twist to your creations. However, it's crucial to remember the nuances concerning copyright regulations and professional uses as previously mentioned. Always ensure you respect the rights and privacy of others when using and modifying these images.

    Yes, you have the freedom to modify and edit the AI-generated images as you see fit. You can adapt, tweak, blend, and experiment with these resources to fit your specific needs. This includes cropping, filtering, color adjustments, combining with other images, and more. But remember, this flexibility should be exercised with consideration for the previously mentioned copyright nuances and restrictions for professional uses. Always ensure you respect the rights and privacy of others when using and modifying these images.

    AI image generation uses powerful technology to create stunning conceptual photography through the use of pre-existing content found elsewhere on the internet. This means that copyright laws are sensitive around the subject, and regulations around the world are not up to date yet. Please follow our Terms and Conditions for AI Products that prohibit the use of AI-generated images that violate third-party IP rights. Such laws protect people's identity, creative ownership, and property from being exploited. If your AI-generated image is clear of such infringements, you can use them for personal and/or professional use.